Monday, July 27, 2015

Easter Holiday to Grannies Heilan Hame 2014 day 1

Click here for Easter music Click for Easter music    Monday 30th March I was on night shift so I got up at 11.30 and I finished the packing which I'd mostly done the night before. John then made us cheese and toast for lunch. We left for Grannies Heilan Hame at 12.35 and had a good journey. We of course arrived there far too early 3pm and had to wait till after 4 to check in. Whilst waiting the boys went to the arcade. We finally got our keys and soon arrived at the caravan.  I opened the door and it was like we had stepped back in time to the infamous Howard Johnson Maingate West hotel in Orlando!!    This was the dreadful place we checked into in 2004 and had to endure one night of before we we moved to the Hawthorn Suites in Lake Buena Vista. Hawthorn Suites          There was litter all over the floor and it looked like nobody had set foot in the caravan for a was beyond disgusting! It obviously wasn't our caravan so john went up to the reception to tell them and they were very apologetic saying the cleaners had done the wrong caravan. We scored in the end and was given a top of the range caravan which was beautiful!  This is my photo which Grannies Heilan Hame now use to advertise on their Facebook page. Not seen any royalties  �� yet though!  It had 3 bedrooms and had some lovely ornaments in it. There were some board games for kids to play too.            I did the unpacking and then john had to make a 2nd trip to the reception as there was no bedding in the boys bedroom. We had a chip shop tea, I had a haddock supper, the boys had fish fingers and john had a cheeseburger supper and also a single red pudding! �� Poor john then had his 3rd! trip up to reception as the linen that arrived after johns 2nd trip didn't have a duvet cover for Ross's bed. ��  Ross and Terry (school class toy, who came in his holidays too! Ross had chickenpox the week before our holidays so he and terry had an extra long holiday together. Ross had quite a few spots but not nearly as many as Owen when he caught them a week after our hols ��   We finally made it over to the bar and the boys had fun playing the Sid and Lizzy games    They enjoyed dancing about and playing the games. We played bingo but didn't win and then we did a quiz. Later on the star lander girls came on and did a song show. It was a good first day. 

Christmas 2014

We all had a lovely Christmas and New Year 

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mum's Birthday in Aviemore

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We all had a lovely weekend in Aviemore for Mum's birthday. Joanne had won a first class carriage ride in the Santa train for 6 so they took mum and dad on the train. John, the boys and I surprised Mum by going on the train too! 
John could'nt get a ticket so he was a stowaway!!

We all enjoyed the Santa train.

After the train journey, we surprised Mum telling her we'd all be staying the night at the Macdonald Resort. We had a lovely meal at night and had a great time together.
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Ross's 8th Birthday

Ross got lots of lovely presents and we had a party at home with his school friends

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Landmark and Halloween 2014

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We had a lovely day out at the Halloween themed Landmark The boys on pinicle The boys on the thing I hate!! We had a lovely time at Joanne's Halloween party Ross was Dracula and Owen a zombie

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dad's 65th birthday

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Dad's 65th Birthday at Grannies Heilan Hame Friday 22nd of August I was on nightshift on the Thursday night so had a nice sleep in the morning and then got up and ready to leave mum and dad went to collect the boys from school and then we left. We had a good journey to Inverness but we had to have a toilet stop at Tesco, whilst there we also had a nice burger. We then set off to grannies Heilan Hame and we arrived about 6 o'clock. We had a good journey the boys were very good in the car. When we arrived we met up with Julie and Irene and then went into our caravan which was lovely. When we got into the caravan we did a little bit of unpacking and then we went over to the Boston bar restaurant for our meal. Ross and owen had fish and chips in a bucket Dad and Irene had sausages and mashed potatoes and Mum and I had had spit roast chicken and Julie had lasagna. It was very nice. We then went to the bar and it was the kids game time and owen won a game and he got a certificate for it it. Next it was the kids disco and they enjoyed that. Then a group came on, a married couple and they were called the time of your lives and they were really good. The sang lots of different music from the 60s onwards and had lots of different costumes. We had some nice drinks and then we went back to the caravan we were really late going to bed it was after 2am as we did more unpacking, it was a very good first day  
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Woke up at 8:45 nice long lie and dad made bacon and eggs which was lovely
Mum had given dad a  DVD player with 2 DVDs  and Joanne and I had given Dad a handmade wooden bench and table set for the garden.
I also gave him a nice bottle of malt whiskey on the day of his birthday.
John couldn't come this weekend as he was working.

I then got the boys ready washed and dressed and then I had my shower. Later on Joanne  and the kids came round.
We then went over to the bar and  to the kids activity which was the aviation morning we did this in may when I had my birthday there ,this time Ross won it and he got 2000 points and won an activity pack which was very pleased about.

Next up was making paper planes which the boys enjoyed and even I managed to do it!
Afterwords we went into Dornoch and had a look round it was lovely and sunny.
We went to the Dornoch cafe and patisserie for  lunch. I had a home-made macaroni pie with side salad, dad had a sausage roll and baked beans, The boys some of ours and a gingerbread man and mum had a prawn baguette.
We then went to a gift shop and mum bought the boys large water guns which they love playing with.
We then went back to the caravan had a coffee, Joanne came round to visit and then we all had a nice rest.
Joanne sent a funny text later on in the afternoon saying their caravan was b***** boiling and was like an oven! so Chris had to turn off the heating. They went out for a drive to look for a chemist and were given the wrong directions and they were sent on a wild goose chase! To top it off Katie had a temper tantrum in the car and eventually ended up with a nosebleed as was crying so much! Poor Chris had a headache with all the screaming.

At night we went to the Trentham hotel just outside Dornoch for Dad's birthday meal.
I had garlic mushrooms which are lovely to start with and Joanne had a big stack of onion rings which were yummy.

Irene and dad had Pea and ham soup, Julie had a breaded brie, Chris had garlic bread and mum had soup. Next Joanne myself and Julie all had sizzling steak with scallops which were lovely.

Mum had a sirloin steak and dad had a steak pie as did Chris and Irene. Ross, Owen  and Cameron  all had macaroni cheese and Katie had a pizza.
This is dads great birthday Cake look at all the animals

Later on went back to the caravan site and went to be bar for the entertainment, the kids enjoyed all the kids games and then later on a man came on and did some singing and did some magic tricks too and he was very good.
After a while the boys went back to Joanne and Chris's caravan with Chris to watch Frozen then we had a few more drinks at the bar and then we went back again and picked up the boys it was a great night.


I got up and dad had made my bacon and eggs again which was lovely, the boys got up shortly afterwards and had breakfast, after they got ready and we went out to play crazy golf which was fun.
The boys then had a play in the park and then we went back up to the entertainment complex and the boys played in the arcade for a little while I then went back to the caravan and I made some ham sandwiches for Joanne, Chris and the boys journey back home again. Joanne and Chris took the boys home but left Katie with us as the boys all had school again on the Monday. Mum, dad Julie, Irene and I all had one more night there, it was sad seeing the boys going back home again and I missed them for that night. Ross was saying "I'll miss you mummy"!

I love the sea in this photo it looks like it's silver

They all had a good journey home when they got home Jo did her 'ice bucket ' challenge and the boys thought it was funny! Later she took the boys to McDonald's for their tea and then dropped them off home.

Mum wasn't feeling great in the afternoon as she's been suffering from shingles so we took Katie Dunrobin castle it was a beautiful castle and we really enjoyed seeing it. Mum and Dad had been to it before dad enjoyed going back to it again. Katie was so good and love to walk in all the different rooms.

There was a beautiful garden in the castle and lots and lots of stairs to go down to it when we got to the bottom, a falconry show have just started and we enjoyed seeing it. A Falcon touched me with his wing twice during the display that was that was funny.  Lots of beautiful bird and I took lots of nice photos.

After the falconry show we went up to the castle cafe and dad and I had a coffee and a scone and Katie had a bread roll and a drink which was nice.

When we got back to the caravan it was about 4 o'clock and we all had a rest for a little while and then we went back into Dornoch  that night and went to the Sunderland hotel for a lovely meal.

I had the Haddock mornay then a raspberry creme brûlée, dad had glenmorrangie chicken which had bacon and Brie with a nice sauce then he had sticky toffee pudding. Mum had salmon with a lemon and dill sauce then chocolate velvet pie, Julie had salmon with a peppercorn sauce and like me she had the raspberry creme brûlée. Irene had gammon with a sauce then meringue with fruit and cream. She gave the meringue to my dad. Katie was funny when it came to the puddings, dad turned his back for a second and Katie took dad's sticky toffee pudding plate over for herself! It was funny 

After we went back to the bar and played bingo then watched the entertainment staff put on a show which was good.

Monday 25th

Got up and dad made our bacon and eggs, Katie enjoyed this and tucked in.
We packed the caravan and then we set off. Katie was cute and sang during some of the journey. Joanne was pleased to see Katie home again. She made us a nice sandwich then we took mum home and dad came with me to collect the boys from school.
It was lovely seeing them again.