Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grannies Heilan Hame August 2015 sat 15th

Saturday 15th August 

Had a nice sleep and got up at 8.20. Poor dad was up a lot of the night with his chest, he managed to get some sleep in the living room.

I made bacon and eggs for dad, john and myself ����☕️

Mum had a yoghurt with chopped banana �� Ross had banana custards and Owen had frubes.

Got the kids ready and then had my shower. We went to starlanders and met up with Joanne, Chris, Cameron and Katie.

The kids played 10 pin type bowling �� and Ross and Cameron did well getting 10s. Owen did well too. Katie was at totstars earlier which she enjoyed. 

When we left starlanders it was pouring rain so we got some sandwiches for the boys to have for lunch in the caravan 

The afternoon brightened up and john took the boys to the beach with Jo, Chris, Cameron and Katie 

They had lots of fun playing and watching the big waves 



I went to Dornoch with Mum and Dad and had a lovely afternoon.

We went to the Dornoch Patisserie and Cafe 


Dad had sausage roll and baked beans

Mum had smoked salmon baguette 

I had raspberry and white chocolate bread and butter pudding with homemade custard 

It was a lovely lunch 

We then had a look around the shops and I got a couple of nice scruncies and a cute little scotty dog soap for paddy 

We had a look around the Jail shop before going back to the caravan.


We had a nice rest then had a Chinese for tea 

I had king prawn with cashew nuts and fried rice, Mum had roast duck and mushrooms with boiled rice, Dad had chicken and black bean sauce and rice, John had special chow mein and the boys had special fried rice ����

We had a good time at the bar at night and the kids enjoyed the games etc at starlanders

Again no win at bingo 

There was a good girl singer on later, we enjoyed watching her.

Another good day 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Grannies Heilan Hame August 2015

   Friday 14th August  Got up at 7.45 and got kids ready. They took their stugeron tablet then had their breakfast. Got myself and cats all ready and then we went down to lossie to give paddy and Robbie our house key as they were going to feed the cats �� whilst we were away. We then went to give mum and dad their usb stick for the journey to Grannies Heilan Hame. We got to the Eastgate shopping centre and went shopping �� I went for a look with Ross first and John took Owen. John bought some tops then we met up for lunch at Pizza Hut. Myself and Ross both had ham and pineapple pizzas ����, Owen had a cheese and tomato pizza and john had pulled pork and pepperoni pizzas. We also had chips then some nice mini doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce  Afterwards myself and Owen went shopping and john gave me money to buy some new clothes. I got 5 lovely summer tops which were in the half price sale at debenhams. Really pretty tops, ideal for Gran Canaria ☀️���� We all met up again and we set off for Grannies We of course were immediately in a traffic jam long before the start of the kessock bridge, cars everywhere!�������������� Eventually we were on our way. I phoned mum and dad and they were about a mile further along the road than us. It was funny phoning them as when call connected all you could here was dad saying "Speak!" I couldn't stop laughing ��    We had a nice journey and got there just before 4. We checked in to our caravan which had a nice view of the beach. Mum, dad and I unpacked and john took kids to park and the arcade.                              Soon it was teatime and we had a lovely Indian takeaway  I had king prawn Kashmiri, mum had chicken korma, dad and boys had fish and chips and john had garlic chilli chicken. We then went to the bar where Joanne, chris and kids had saved us a table. The kids all had great fun at the disco and then star landers games. Bingo next with big prizes but we didn't win. Later on there was a band on with a girl singer. We stayed till 10.30 then went back to the caravan. Lovely first day 

Early summer holidays 2015

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Neil Diamond July 2015

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Mother's Day

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Easter Holiday to Grannies Heilan Hame 2014 day 1

Click here for Easter music Click for Easter music    Monday 30th March I was on night shift so I got up at 11.30 and I finished the packing which I'd mostly done the night before. John then made us cheese and toast for lunch. We left for Grannies Heilan Hame at 12.35 and had a good journey. We of course arrived there far too early 3pm and had to wait till after 4 to check in. Whilst waiting the boys went to the arcade. We finally got our keys and soon arrived at the caravan.  I opened the door and it was like we had stepped back in time to the infamous Howard Johnson Maingate West hotel in Orlando!!    This was the dreadful place we checked into in 2004 and had to endure one night of before we we moved to the Hawthorn Suites in Lake Buena Vista. Hawthorn Suites          There was litter all over the floor and it looked like nobody had set foot in the caravan for a was beyond disgusting! It obviously wasn't our caravan so john went up to the reception to tell them and they were very apologetic saying the cleaners had done the wrong caravan. We scored in the end and was given a top of the range caravan which was beautiful!  This is my photo which Grannies Heilan Hame now use to advertise on their Facebook page. Not seen any royalties  �� yet though!  It had 3 bedrooms and had some lovely ornaments in it. There were some board games for kids to play too.            I did the unpacking and then john had to make a 2nd trip to the reception as there was no bedding in the boys bedroom. We had a chip shop tea, I had a haddock supper, the boys had fish fingers and john had a cheeseburger supper and also a single red pudding! �� Poor john then had his 3rd! trip up to reception as the linen that arrived after johns 2nd trip didn't have a duvet cover for Ross's bed. ��  Ross and Terry (school class toy, who came in his holidays too! Ross had chickenpox the week before our holidays so he and terry had an extra long holiday together. Ross had quite a few spots but not nearly as many as Owen when he caught them a week after our hols ��   We finally made it over to the bar and the boys had fun playing the Sid and Lizzy games    They enjoyed dancing about and playing the games. We played bingo but didn't win and then we did a quiz. Later on the star lander girls came on and did a song show. It was a good first day.