Friday, August 8, 2014

Haggerston day 2 : haggerston hideout

Tuesday 15th July

I woke up at 5.30 for some strange reason but luckily got back to sleep until 9. I was woken to the sound of the boys playing with their plants versus zombies toys and they were having great fun.

Plants versus zombies is a popular computer game and the boys have various soft toys of the characters.

It's amazing how their imagination works. We then had breakfast and I had my shower. 

We then had a walk around the park and it was huge, we took a few wrong turns as it was difficult to navigate around!

We went to the park and the kids enjoyed playing for a while

This was popular

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Our caravan was in the Golf Village part of Haggerston and we were in the Belfry section, number 20. We went to a cafe nearby which was next to the mini golf course. It was called The Fairways. I had a cheese and red onion panini with salad, John had a panini too and also a bacon roll... greedy! The boys had a kids box with juice, ham sandwich, crisps and chocolate. It was very nice. 

We then went to the entertainment complex and in the bar was a wrestling contest. Three rounds with the "goodie and baddie" wrestlers. They were good, the boys seemed to like it too.

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We enjoyed a beer watching this and the boys had a slush.
After this we went back to the caravan and had a nice rest. 
For tea we had a Papa Johns pizza which was lovely, John and I shared a large BBQ chicken pizza with potato wedges 

Ross had chicken poppers and Owen a cheese and tomato pizza which they enjoyed.

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Then we went to the bar in the evening and the boys had great fun at the arcade playing different games and of course the grabbing toy machine!
These are photos I found on google... must of been taken when arcade shut as it was always mobbed!

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We watched the entertainment for a while, had a few drinks then went back to caravan.
Another good day

Haggerston Castle Travel Day

Monday 14th July 
Got up bright and early at 7am, to get me, kids and cats ready. We had breakfast and then I had my shower. John and boys got ready whilst I fed the cats and did my litter tray duty!
Mum and Dad are coming up to cat sit.
Rory (3yrs)

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Dixie (also 3 yrs, a month younger than Rory but so much bigger, little and large!)

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Once all ready, I said goodbye to cats and we set off at 9.30.

We stopped off for a toilet break at Bruer and then went to Perth for lunch. We had a nice meal at the Harvester. I had spit roasted chicken with veg and mashed potatoes, Ross and Owen had macaroni and John had a burger with cheese and bacon.

We then carried on with our journey and arrived at Haggerston Castle at 4pm. The boys were kept occupied with the sat nav the whole journey and unusually didn't keep on about how long to go!

It was really busy when we arrived but eventually we checked into our caravan. The caravan was lovely and big.

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Excuse the headless photo of John but I only wanted to have a photo of the caravan! 

I unpacked and John took the boys out for a walk. I of course had forgotten my foundation and I then made John take us to Berwick so I could get some. Typical, I even bought an extra bottle before we left..! We needed some supplies from tesco anyway so that was handy.

We had a chip shop tea, then we went to the bar. The star landers did the kids entertainment first then they sang. Later they did a show called Girls on Film which was good with songs from dirty dancing, pretty woman etc. The boys loved the arcade area which was huge and they especially enjoyed the Plants versus Zombies toy grabber machine. They enjoyed slushes and John and I enjoyed pints of Carling! 

We got back to the caravan at about 11.30.
A lovely first day

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Roseisle forest walk and Monster truck show

Had a lovely walk in Roseisle forest with mum,dad and boys.

We had a picnic first which was very nice and then went on our walk which took an hour or so.  It was a lovely sunny day.







 photo 066_zps125d37b1.jpg

We went to the Monster truck show one night which was good.  It featured bmx riders and motorcyclists jumping over lorries etc and doing lots of stunts.  At the end the monster trucks drove over a line of wrecked cars. It was good.


 photo 082_zps384dac4b.jpg  photo 080_zps029ee7d4.jpg  photo 079_zps9f7a271a.jpg

Father's Day

Sunday 15th June 2014


Happy Father's Day to Dad, John and Chris

The boys gave John a selection of socks and a t shirt and also a gold medal chocolate coin.  I gave Dad 2 polo shirt tops and a gold medal chocolate coin too.John was working so the rest of us went to the Skerry for lunch which was very nice. I had salmon, mum and chicken and hallumi salad, dad and chris had burgers, joanne had chicken, ross had macaroni, owen had a pizza, cameron had a burger and katie had bits of everything!  









 photo S1180004_zpse08d2d95.jpg  photo S1180005_zps9cfe10b7.jpg  photo S1180001_zps327ffc5e.jpg  photo S1180002_zps1c69f068.jpg  photo S1180003_zpseb880e5e.jpg  photo S1180006_zps35f71fb7.jpg  photo S1180010_zps9080b4c4.jpg  photo S1180012_zps107c088f.jpg  photo S1180009_zps4227aede.jpg  photo S1180011_zps76c2ced7.jpg





Sport's Day

The boys had a great time at their Sport's Day.  As it is the commonwealth games in Glasgow this summer, this was the theme. The school gave all the kids different coloured commonwealth tshirts with the school logo on it.  Owen got a bronze and a silver medal! Silver for the badmington shuttle race and bronze for the obstacle course.


Ross was a parade leader with a banner


 photo S1170001_zpsbf1fc57f.jpg  photo S1170002_zps9c0a4baf.jpg




 photo S1170003_zpsf143fd33.jpg

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saturday continued and then home sunday 11th may

We went to the Boston Restaurant for lunch and i had a steak and fried onion wrap with horseraddish mayonnaise served with curly chips and salad, it was lovely.  photo 03e65a2dd40ceb0c0b9e72bf9a4ba41a_zps92d46cef.jpg The boys had fish and chips served in a bucket and spade.  photo 61816568e88abc63cc952a35389fe4d3_zps0ae098bd.jpg photo 202d5816f24345c2dfc75a2bf33deb80_zpsc9449e17.jpg

John had the boston gourmet hot dog with chilli and cheese with chips. It was a lovely meal. photo ac142e127aa4a4d494995c3af4f46b01_zps234fffb6.jpg

 photo 306ad44453e6eaaec16977a6f4438cb2_zps28af63d0.jpg


 photo 58dcb6b0b3c44bd416811ada59c6db20_zpsf22a0e3a.jpg photo f76aa5871e71e4873ec98e07ab303ca9_zps0306e10d.jpg>>

 photo 0cbc60da48951c5165aa0cd3b685d72f_zpse0119f52.jpg





We had a short walk along the beach and played with the frisbee but then it started to rain and we went back to the caravan. In the afternoon i read my magazines etc and then we had a nice chinese for tea. The boys and I shared a chicken chow mein and chicken and mushrooms which was nice and John had a special chow mein.  photo 807dd8867c271f86b31a9d7b8fe64014_zps8c32cfea.jpg We then went to the bar for the children's entertainent. After this a duo of men called Vortex came on and they were very good.   We had a good sleep and got up at 8.45 and began to pack up the caravan. We left at 11am and went to starlanders for Junk Heap Challenge.  Ross made a great spaceship  photo 0a8360ecd518bfcf5d6a2cfdaf5328ac_zps7da3544a.jpg photo 62e086ec8ec9d695275daa457535e1c6_zps6f188cc6.jpg and Owen a great Robot which won!  photo 420db661f537fd4f8a64ace301b0769c_zps0bc629ab.jpg photo 4eb259d53739edd3662af11c2dac78cc_zps00c0f6f1.jpg photo 16923564cae74d6578be5a78522aca31_zpsb4b91ad0.jpg We had a lovely weekend away. Went we gotto Inverness we went to Kidzone soft play area and had some lunch. We got home about 4pm.